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Combined with a healthy diet, taking vitamins and supplements provides our bodies with proper nutrients for organ and tissue health. Most health issues are caused by nutritional deficiencies, and from the pollution and toxicity present in our everyday environment. Eating unhealthy foods can cause fatigue, and over time cause more serious damage. Much of the food we eat is processed and stripped of all natural ingredients, filling our bodies with chemicals. These toxins must be first flushed out of the body in order to work towards an ideal state of health and wellness. Fasting may even be needed to start fresh towards new goals.

In today’s modern world, we are constantly rushing and many people feel they do not have time to eat right or exercise regularly with a busy schedule. Most are consistently stressed out and do not get enough sleep every night, which can cause unnecessary stress in everyday life and make the body more susceptible to disease. Eating unhealthy food greatly hinders overall health and wellness by creating patterns for unhealthy living that can be difficult to break. The first step towards achieving health and wellness is to consciously make an effort to change your everyday eating, sleeping and other living habits. By understanding what nutrients the body requires and responding to those needs, you will have more energy, avoid illnesses and reach a true balance within yourself.
This article was published on Monday 04 February, 2008.
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