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We Control The Manufacturing Process!
L.A. Lifestyle is committed to using only the best quality ingredients to complete our formulas and make their way to your doorstep. In a constant effort to ensure that the highest production standards are met, we own an interest in the manufacturing plants where we produce all of our nutritional products. This enables us to place our stamp of approval on our facilities, processing and employees.

How We Do It

Since our products come in various forms, we utilize different production facilities to meet the demands of each product type. Having all production facilities within an easy driving distance of our corporate headquarters in Santa Ana, California is important, as the president of Old Fashioned Natural Products routinely visits the facilities to oversee that all processing meets our standards. We also keep a certified pharmacologist on staff to further explore how to create nutritional products in their purest form.

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Many other vitamin and supplement companies often outsource manufacturing and production needs, and these companies are unable to have much control over processing or may not have access to their facilities. In many instances, product quality can be overlooked. L.A. Lifestyle takes every precaution to make sure our products are held to the highest standards. Your health and wellness needs are important to us!

Your Health and Wellness Champion

It is an honor to be trusted with this responsibility, and we take our company mission seriously. We work hard provide you with the purest, high-quality vitamins and supplements and arm you with the knowledge and support to achieve and maintain the L.A. Lifestyle!

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