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Whey Protein (Chocolate) Powder 32oz with Stevia

Our Price: $49.79

Benefits of Whey Protein :

  • Formula contains proteins to help promote maximum lean muscle development and retention
  • Whey contains unique bioactive peptide fractions that enhance physical performance and help promote a healthy immune response
  • Will help you achieve maximum benefits from intense weight lifting and training workouts

L.A. Lifestyle is committed to producing premium quality sports nutrition for elite athletes, professional bodybuilders and demanding fitness professionals. Our dedicated research and development team is constantly looking for ways to improve our state-of-the-art products to help you achieve maximum benefits from your intense weight lifting and training. Whey protein is recognized as an "optimal protein" by serious athletes and bodybuilders because of its superior amino acid profile, high biological value, rapid absorption and assimilation.*

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L.A. Lifestyle’s Whey protein is part of my daily diet now.

As a body builder, I like the quick absorption.

– Joel Maclean, OR

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