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L.A. Lifestyle Guarantees Potency
Unlike some of our top competitors, we routinely test our products to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are provided to our customers. We believe that all vitamins and supplements should be free of fillers and toxic ingredients, and are committed to providing you with nutritional products that you can consistently rely on to achieve and maintain optimum health!!

Frequent Product Testing to Ensure Purity

We assay test* our products through independent laboratories, and quality control is guaranteed using this process, providing our customers with the maximum amount of pure ingredients to effectively live the L.A. Lifestyle. Our vitamin and supplement coatings contain no lacquer; only safe, non toxic coatings are used on our finished nutritional products.
We Test Our Products Ask Our Resident Expert We Control The Manufacturing Process
Added Benefit of Food and Drug Administration Regulation

L.A. Lifestyle operates like a pharmaceutical company, in that it has a drug license, so the company is held to much higher standards than most vitamin and supplement companies. Our processes are routinely tested and verified by the FDA, and we keep extensive records of each batch of vitamins and supplements we produce. There are also samples available of each batch that leaves our facilities, and if there is ever any question of purity, every single shipment can be traced back to where it came from or who it was sent to. We also have a certified pharmacologist on site to further explore how to create nutritional products in their purest form, in order to maximize results.

Satisfaction or Your Money Back

We insist on assay tests for all materials and products brought in house for manufacturing, as well as finished products. If you think the product may not meet specification, you can take the product to an independent laboratory and have it assayed. If the product doesn’t meet label claims, we will reimburse you for the cost of the assay test and refund your money for the product. These efforts are what make L.A. Lifestyle the premium brand that you can count on each and every day for your health and wellness needs.

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