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L.A. Lifestyle presents our customers with the knowledge they need to live a healthy lifestyle. We understand that you live busy lives, and may not have time to focus on certain aspects of your health. That’s why we provide customers with all of the health and fitness information needed to effectively change your lives and work towards living the L.A. Lifestyle.

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Our resident health expert Bill Register offers unique insights, commentary and input on all types of health-related issues. A former award-winning bodybuilder, Bill has been living the L.A. Lifestyle since his early twenties, taking supplements daily and following a personalized nutrition and fitness plan of his own making.

Bill has a Doctorate degree in Nutritional Science from the American College of Health Science and a Naturopathic degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing. Over the course of his 33 year career in the industry, Bill has worked with thousands of people to help them improve their health. He achieved this by providing the knowledge and direction that enabled people to stay focused and reach their goals.
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Questions about health, fitness or nutrition? Ask Bill! He has years of experience working with people and helping them achieve results through a combination of fitness, nutrition and supplementation. Through L.A. Lifestyle, Bill provides these services because we care about you, and want to provide the knowledge and support needed to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle forever.

Bill is your greatest weapon in the fight for health and wellness. Bill is your coach, your mentor, your teacher and your friend throughout your health and wellness journey. Contact Bill Today!
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