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Bill RegisterBill Register Ph.D., N.D.
Director of Services

Bill’s experience working in the fitness industry, as well as his educational background, allows him to assist people with reaching their wellness goals, however large or small. A former bodybuilder, Bill competed nationally from ages 24 to 37. During these years, he encountered many individuals with different health and nutrition issues, and made a commitment to help as many people as he could along the way. Bill ‘practices what he preaches’ in that he eats healthy, exercises regularly and takes vitamins and supplements daily. He constantly studies nutrition and health, acquiring a wealth of knowledge he can use to educate people on how to live healthier.

With over 30 years of experience in nutritional counseling and program design, Bill currently provides technical support to more than 200 fitness technicians throughout the nation. He assists SporTelesis nutritional program licensees with his expertise in specialized nutrition and program enhancements. He also handles customer calls dealing with these programs, understanding that everyone’s body chemistry is different and that programs will affect each individual differently.

Before working at L.A. Lifestyle, Bill conducted seminars and lectures on health and fitness for such companies as Nordstrom, Alaska Airlines and Horizon Airlines. While working for Saudi Aramco, he lectured on health and fitness practices to workers in Saudi Arabia, and after would go into the gyms and show them how to use the equipment properly and maximize results while exercising. His programs were so successful that many of the workers began holding fitness competitions in their respective camps. At Gold’s Gym, he was primarily responsible for teaching technicians how to use Nutritionalysis software and programs for gym members, and was called in to create personalized fitness and supplement programs for customers who were not seeing immediate results. Bill coordinated fitness and nutrition programs for Miss Oregon USA Pageantry, ensuring contestants were following a healthy diet. Two of the contestants went on to become national winners, capturing the coveted “Teen Miss USA” beauty pageant title. After the competition, he assisted two winners with training protocol to maintain their physical shape in his own gym, Bill Register’s Body Magic Fitness Center

Bill RegisterBill has won dozens of bodybuilding and fitness competitions throughout his career, including: Mr. America, 2nd place (1980), Mr. Oregon, 1st place (1975), Gold’s Classic, 2nd place (1980), Mr. Oregon Male America, 1st place (1988), Mr. Northwestern America, 1st place (1985), Europe vs. USA, 2nd place (1980), Emerald Cup Mixed Pairs Championships with Cindy Wright, 1st place (1984) and Mr. Pacific Northwest, 1st place (1974).

Bill has been a member of the American Nutritional Consultants Association since 1990. He earned an Associate’s degree in Parks and Recreation Management from Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon in 1976. He earned a Doctorate degree in Nutritional Science from the American College of Health Science in Austin, Texas in 1990. He earned his Naturopathic degree from the Clayton School of Natural Healing in Birmingham, Alabama in 1996.
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