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Bill’s interest in fitness and health began at 10 years old, through lifting weights and playing sports. He began using supplements around this time as well, and at 20 entered into his first bodybuilding competition. After 18 years of competing, he retired, but not after adopting many healthy habits along the way. Working in many jobs in the fitness industry along the way, Bill has acquired knowledge to provide insight on maximizing results during a workout. He has conducted research over the years to further his own health and wellness journey, and effectively communicates his experiences to help others reach their own goals. Bill emulates the LA life style in that he sets aside time out of his busy schedule to prepare his meals each day, ensuring he stays on track. His training schedule consists of weight lifting and cardio for 1 hour total, four days a week. Through the years, the vitamins and supplements he has taken have nourished his body and helped to combat aging, improve his energy level and avoid serious disease.

Believing in the LA Lifestyle

It has been shown that individuals who use vitamins and supplements regularly over time live longer, healthier lives than individuals who do not. Living the LA lifestyle encompasses the entire health and wellness journey, combined with a plan to achieve specific goals daily and over time. The LA Lifestyle is a true commitment, one that takes effort, time and energy. Bill lives the results every day, looking forward to a healthier, longer life. His devotion to health and wellness goes beyond just looking good—it is a desire to live a disease-free and active lifestyle.
This article was published on Monday 04 February, 2008.
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