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L.A. Lifestyle is your health and wellness champion. Our mission is to produce nutritional products containing only the highest-quality ingredients, for those seeking optimum health at any stage in their lives. We are committed to providing the support and resources needed to help each customer on their wellness journey, including nutrition and fitness information, as well as expert insights found in our “Health Talk” section. We stand by the necessity of taking vitamins and supplements and combining them with balanced nutrition and exercise to lead to a longer, more fulfilling life. We know that these actions bring about results, and have seen it with close friends and family members, as well as with customers. After our President, John Brown, was diagnosed with colon cancer, he stopped taking the prescription drugs that were making him sick and recovered using an all-natural vitamin regimen created by our health expert Bill. Our passion for living a healthy lifestyle extends throughout our staff, and our website was established to inform our customers about current health topics and to facilitate the fast and secure purchasing of our products.

Our Commitment to Quality

We believe that all vitamins and supplements should be free of fillers and toxic ingredients. At L.A. Lifestyle, we keep a certified pharmacologist on staff to further explore how to create nutritional products in their purest form, in order to maximize results. L.A. Lifestyle is also regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and we use this to further guarantee the purity of our natural products. We source all of our ingredients through suppliers we have established relationships with, and these suppliers provide certificates (assays) with each shipment verifying the ingredients and quality of the goods delivered. We also conduct random testing, via an objective third party, to double check the quality of the goods we receive. This step is not required by law, but we feel it is necessary to confirm the quality of our ingredients. After passing inspection, the ingredients are formulated and measured at our headquarters, then shipped to one of a few manufacturing plants, of which we have a 25 percent interest. The products are then shipped back to our headquarters, bottled and stored until they are shipped directly to the customer.

About Our Parent Company

The L.A. Lifestyle brand was born from Old Fashioned Natural Products, a leading producer of natural nutritional products. Old Fashioned Natural Products, founded by John Logsdon, has created many brands over the years to provide consumers with their high-quality nutritional products. One of the most notable, SporTelesis, was created in the early 1970s. Using a combination of protocols, including computerized nutrition analysis, individualized nutrition planning, sport-specific training and personalized supplementation, SporTelesis pioneered enhanced athletic performance programs. Supplement lines were also formulated to work synergistically with program protocols to maximize results. These protocols were employed by trainers and coaches of several world-class athletes and proved to be an “underground” success. Created primarily for athletes, SporTelesis specialized nutrition and fitness programs were available primarily through Gold’s Gym and L.A. Fitness. The L.A. Lifestyle brand was developed to communicate all of the knowledge and experiences gained over the years using SporTelesis programs and provide those results to everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at or call Customer Service at 714-835-6367.
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